We acknowledge (confess) the dialectical nature of an invitation to give away your money. We believe that giving away our money is a way to act outside the system that runs the world: the economy. It frees us and allows us to act out the truth, to give because we have first received all things from God. It is an act of worship. On the other hand, we are asking you to give away your money to House for All, an institution (however well-purposed) that very much needs your money to exist. So, an invitation to give away your money to free yourself and acknowledge God’s gifts could seem a little… what? Self-interested? We want to assure you, we understand this dialectic, and want to affirm both the freedom in this act of worship and the self-interested appeal for financial support.

Whether you give as an act of freedom and worship or only because you want to support what House for All is doing (or an unresolved mixture of both), we are very grateful.

If you are a part of the House for All community in any way (a regular at worship, an online downloader, etc.) please consider giving regularly. Thank you.

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