What is Welcome Home?

What is Welcome Home?

Welcome Home is a ministry that pays direct reparations to Black women in the Denver metro area. Black women healers, prophets, pastors, artists, activists and leaders need and deserve a safe, sacred and beautiful place as their  home/sanctuary. Therefore, Welcome Home covers costs for  repairs and renovations for homes owned by Black women thereby helping Black women rest, live joyfully,  and build intergenerational wealth. Through the enslavement of Black people in the U.S., we acknowledge that subsequent generational financial benefits were unjustly created by and for white people. Reparations are money paid by white people to Black people toward economic justice and conciliation. Reparations are not gifts.


Paying Reparations & Partnering with Welcome Home

Welcome Home invites individuals, churches and other organizations/institutions to pay reparations via one-time or recurring giving. We are in the pilot stage of Welcome Home and will continue to be until early Spring of 2022. In our pilot, we are collecting reparations for a Black woman healer/organizer and an elder scholar local to Denver. They are repairing and furnishing a new home.

Pilot Family Story: If you would like to learn more about this family, please take some time to watch their story here. You can also listen to some additional group reflections reflection here.

Why Welcome Home with Rev. Morgan Caruthers Fletcher & Rev. Reagan Humber: Watch their video here.

Individuals (+ couples, families, peer/group circles), congregations, and organizations who participate in seeding the pilot will be listed below and recognized for their commitment to ongoing reparations partnership alongside the Welcome Home project. The minimum reparations amount to be included as a partner is:

Individuals/Couples/Circles/Families: $1,000 + *
Congregations & Organizations: $5,000 + *

*Since we are intentionally inviting long-term, ongoing reparations, all partners are encouraged (not required) to participate annually, quarterly, or monthly. We encourage your total annual reparations to be equal to or above $1,000 for individuals and $5,000 for congregations and organizations at minimum.

Online reparations donations are subject to banking fees. If you’d like to avoid banking fees, please mail a check to Welcome Home, HFASS c/o Kathleen Eckert, 1257 Vine Street #106, Denver, CO 80206. Please include “Welcome Home” in the memo line.

Who is Organizing Welcome Home?

Welcome Home is organized by predominantly white churches with the guidance of Black women leaders. Reparations to Welcome Home are distributed to the Black community via the Welcome Home leadership. Currently, Welcome Home is led by Pastor Wylie Cook (HFASS), the Reverend Morgan Fletcher (Calvary Baptist), Rev. Kari Collins (Juniper Formation), and Black women community leaders. 


Since HFASS is a 501(c)(3) not for profit religious organization, all reparations to Welcome Home are tax-deductible charitable contributions. You will receive a contribution receipt automatically.

Seed Partners – Congregations & Organizations

  • House for All Sinners & Saints (Denver)
  • Sixth Avenue UCC (Denver)

Seed Partners – Individuals/Couples/Circles/Families

  • Kathryn White 
  • Jonathon Stalls
  • TF
  • Jackie Larner
  • Julie Dani + Family
  • Liz George
  • Rebecca Smith
  • Lane Taplin

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