Join us at Eucharist Liturgy!
5pm Sundays at DCC Uptown
1595 Pearl St., Denver, CO 80203
(Just north of Colfax in Denver)

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House for All Sinners and Saints
Sharing a meal together Greetings! HFASS is...
...a group of folks figuring out how to be a liturgical,
Christo-centric, social justice-oriented, queer-inclusive,
incarnational, contemplative, irreverent, ancient / future
church with a progressive but deeply rooted theological imagination.  More...
Denver Community Church Uptown Join Us at Eucharist Liturgy
5pm Sundays at DCC Uptown
1595 Pearl St., Denver, CO 80203
(Just north of Colfax in Denver)
Join Us at Eucharist Liturgy
Join us tonight for our first service of Advent Vespers at St. Peter and Mary Episcopal Church, 6:30 pm. It's a sim…
December 5, 2019 at 7:30pm by @HFASS
If you're in the Denver area and don't have a place to go for Thanksgiving (or want to eat twice), join us tomorrow…
November 28, 2019 at 4:06am by @HFASS
Tonight we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King. It's the last Sunday of the liturgical year before the new year…
November 24, 2019 at 10:24pm by @HFASS
Potluck tonight! Bring something to share if you can. See you in church!
November 10, 2019 at 9:49pm by @HFASS
Bundle up and head on down to church tonight. We will be open! It's Reformation Sunday, the Selling of the Indulgen…
October 27, 2019 at 7:01pm by @HFASS
It's the third Sunday of the month and that means Easy Church! No meal, meetings or other events after church. Free…
October 20, 2019 at 7:43pm by @HFASS
THIS WEEK AT HFASS » Reformation Sunday & All Saints Liturgy Guild + Sale of Indulgences, new Bible study, and Satu…
October 18, 2019 at 3:08am by @HFASS
Pastor Tory's Welcome Liturgy and Potluck tonight! bring something yummy to share. See you in church!
October 13, 2019 at 8:42pm by @HFASS
Pastor Reagan is back from my vacation and can't wait to see you all tonight. We will be observing the Feast of St.…
October 6, 2019 at 3:07pm by @HFASS
THIS WEEK AT HFASS  » Community Meal + Contemplative Retreat, Suggestions for Housekeepers, Coloradans for the Comm…
September 17, 2019 at 11:47pm by @HFASS
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